Automatic encapsulation production line

Automatic encapsulation production line

It is a combining line that a series of automatic equipment from after lamination to curing area.

Different varies of conveying unit, module over-turning working station, trimming workstation, infrared and inspection workstation, two-direction conveying table, two direction conveyer, conveyer for circumvolving/changing direction, junction box assembly, cleaning and overturn workstation..

Main function introduction:

Module auto-overturn workstation: Receiving the module from latter process, when module transferred to location, pneumatic component and servo mechanism, making the module overturn, finishing overturn, module amortize and releasing, and transferred the module to next process.

Trimming station (patented product): Module transferred to this station, automatic lifted, automatic releasing and location, and sequence manual trimming, manual return comeback, auto-location, with module small or large mechanism and double-prevent function of location regulating error.

Infrared inspection station: With auto-location, regulatory and adjustment function is to meet the infrared inspection standard, can be reached the function of inspection and cont continuous output.

Module storing stacker: Automatic adjust all the module to streamline, when module is irrupted, can automatically stored module, releasing the module.

Loading framing & conveying table: Through two chains plate to convey, diverging the glass (module) and automatic convey, by the mechanical cooperated to be finished, transferred the framed module to framing machine.

Framing and locking machine(patent product): Automatic receiving module by this machine, and automatic position, automatic drop into and framing& riveting and a series of automatic control action, finishing all process of encapsulated and framing & riveting corner. The machine is no person to operate on working guard, with preventing wrong action and error recovery function, riveting adjustable, framing and riveting is controlled. Pneumatic, hydraulic combining with start, no leakage oil, performance stable and reliable.

Cleaning & overturn station: By the mechanism and electrical control system, the module can be realized overturning, and transferred to next process. The module’s location, regulatory and amortize with damping system, the machine is more flexible and reliable.

Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the old industrial bases in northeast China , Yingkou City ,Liaoning Province. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, has 10,000 square meters of the standard plant. It was built in 1994 and currently employs 228 people. Has the strongest capacity in domestic market for the photovoltaic module assembling automation equipment development, research and production, established effective quality assurance system, it is the enterprise with the certification of ISO9001 international quality management system, 18 kinds of products has been passed the approval from the European CE safety certification. It is a provincial enterprise with the honour of “Thinking much of contact and , keeping promise”. The class of the credit of the enterprise is AAA level, the volume of exporting the photovoltaic module assembling equipment is the largest one in China.

The company is focused on researching & developing , manufacturing and marketing of the equipments of solar photovoltaic module assembling and promotion of new technology module assembling. The company has applied itself to the photovoltaic industry for more than six years, has gained the strong support and help of colleagues at home and abroad, and accumulated a wealth of module assembling technology and technical experience. In 2008 it became the first company in China who developed the automated production line for solar photovoltaic module, filled the domestic blank of the automated assembling equipment.

The main raw material of laminator, aluminum frame processing equipment and other auxiliary equipment and other products is made from the high-quality steel of Wuyang Steel Factory and Anshan Iron and Steel Company, the electrical elements is made in Schneider of Germany, the control system is made in Siemens.Both the technology and the products are in the advanced level in the same industry.

Automatic laminator and automated production lines owns a number of national patent . “To promote the automation of photovoltaic module assembling equipment”, “To build a world-class and technology enterprise of the automation module assembling equipment ” is the company’s development goals.

Equipment’s quality is the important condition to ensure the quality of PV modules assembling and enhance its competitive capacity. We are willing to work with you together to enhance China’s technological level of photovoltaic module assembling equipment, to develop the photovoltaic industry, and promote the green energy.

Address: the north side of Yingkou-Gaizhou Toll-Gate at the national road 305 in Yingkou city

Tel:0086 417 2901616 2901977 2901516 2901515

Fax:0086 417 2901516 2901155

Mobile:0086 159 04173695 15940787573


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