E.N (EVA) Processing Instructions-Foshan E.N Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

E.N (EVA) Processing Instructions

Foshan E.N Plastic Product Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development (R&D), manufacture, and sale of EVA films for laminated glass. E.N has a senior professional high- tech R&D team and has cultivated a group of highly-skilled technical personnel. Our VE, EN films are for safety laminated glass in outdoor construction engineering, automotive glass, Bullet-proof glass etc. Our decoration EVA films are often combined with PET dorsal membrane, the portrait painting paper (PP, PVC), silk, wire, paper, glass fiber, fabric etc.; 20kinds of colors available for you to choose which can be used to produce decorating glass of high taste and full of artistic sense mainly used in entertainment hotel, square, sliding door, bathroom etc.

1. Quality Guaranteed in E.N

The EN (EVA) films all conform to the requirements in GB9962-1999 Laminated glass standard and are insured by People’s Insurance Company of China.

Our EVA films have successfully passed the inspections of:

1.) China National Safety Glass&Quartz Glass Test Center.


2.). Jianke Quality of Building Engineering Detection Center of Guangdong

(NO.: B2008(11)0114)

3.). SGS-CSTC Standard Technical Services Co. Ltd. Test Center(NO.: GZMR090405471)

2. The three core technologies of E.N

E.N has earned sound reputation from its customers for high-quality products, which due to the three core technologies.

●The Tower-Type Double Rotor Sub-High Level Mixing Technique


●Adhesion Adjustment Technology

3. Features of Our Products

1.) Clean and smooth, having no black dots, can be stored for a long time without becoming yellow.

2.) Our films are ultra-transparent and the transmittance is up to 90.6 %( tested by SGS-CSTC Standard).

3.) Great conglutination. The film are becoming adhesive at the temperature about 100 degrees.

4.) Improved by eliminating static and tension of the films to forbid the glass self-bursting.

5.) Our films reduce the leaking glue during the laminated processing.

6.) Our films have past the tests of “High Temperature Resistance, Humidity Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Ball Impact Peeling Test and Shot Bag Impact Test”.

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