The Processing Parameter of Different Glass Thickness and EVA Film Layers

The Processing Parameter of Different Glass Thickness and EVA Film Layers


Combinations Low T Low T High T High T Two Laminated
4mm Glass+0.38EVA+4mm Glass 60℃ 10min 130℃ 40min 70min
4mm Glass+0.76EVA+4mm Glass 60℃ 10min 130℃ 40min
4mm Glass+1.14EVA+4mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 45min


Combinations Low T Low T High T High T Two Laminated
5mm Glass+0.38EVA+5mm Glass 60℃ 10min 130℃ 40min 75min
5mm Glass+0.76EVA+5mm Glass 60℃ 10min 130℃ 40min
5mm Glass+1.14EVA+5mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 45min


Combinations Low T Low T High T High T Two Laminated
6mm Glass+0.38EVA+6mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 40min 80min
6mm Glass+0.76EVA+6mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 45min
6mm Glass+1.14EVA+6mm Glass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 50min


Combinations Low T Low T High T High T Two Laminated
7mm Glass+0.38EVA+7mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 50min 85min
7mm Glass+0.76EVA+7mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 50min
7mm Glass+1.14EVA+7mm Glass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 55min
7mm Glass+1.52EVA+7mm Glass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 55min


Combinations Low T Low T High T High T
8mm Glass+0.38EVA+8mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 55min
8mm Glass+0.76EVA+8mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 55min
8mm Glass+1.14EVA+8mm Glass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 60min
8mm Glass+1.52EVA+8mm Glass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 60min


Combinations Low T Low T High T High T
9mm Glass+0.38EVA+9mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 60min
9mm Glass+0.76EVA+9mm Glass 60℃ 15min 130℃ 60min
9mm Glass+1.14EVA+9mm Glass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 65min
9mm Glass+1.52EVA+9mm Glass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 65min


Combinations Low T Low T High T High T
10mmGlass+0.38EVA+10mmGlass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 65min
10mmGlass+0.76EVA+10mmGlass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 65min
10mmGlass+1.14EVA+10mmGlass 60℃ 25min 130℃ 70min
10mmGlass+1.52EVA+10mm Glass 60℃ 25min 130℃ 70min


Combinations Low T Low T High T High T
11mmGlass+0.38EVA+11mmGlass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 70min
11mmGlass+0.76EVA+11mmGlass 60℃ 20min 130℃ 70min
11mmGlass+1.14EVA+11mmGlass 60℃ 25min 130℃ 75min
11mmGlass+1.52EVA+11mm Glass 60℃ 25min 130℃ 75min

Notes: (1.)0.76EVA= 0.38EVA*2    1.14EVA=0.38EVA*3   0.4mm EVA is the same as 0.38 EVA

(2.) 5mmGlass+5mmGlass=4mmGlass+6mmGlass。

(3.)“Two Laminated” means making Two Laminated Glass in the same gel bag at the same time.

(4.) If you need other parameters, please feel free to contact us!

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