Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer FilmFeatures of Our Products

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Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer FilmFeatures of Our Products

1.) Clean and smooth, having no black dots, can be stored for a long time without becoming yellow.

2.) Our films are ultra-transparent and the transmittance is up to 90.6 %( tested by SGS-CSTC Standard).

3.) Great conglutination. The film are becoming adhesive at the temperature about 100 degrees.

4.) Improved by eliminating static and tension of the films to forbid the glass self-bursting.

5.) Our films reduce the leaking glue during the laminated processing.

6.) Our films have past the tests of “High Temperature Resistance, Humidity Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Ball Impact Peeling Test and Shot Bag Impact Test”.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film Processing Procedure

1.) After the glass with inserted film well prepared, please put wire nettings around the pump hole to help vacuumizing.

2.) Combine the Silica Gel Bag. Activate vacuum pump for 2-3min till the vacuum value reach 0.95Mpa. Then start heating.

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