Installation Instruction of EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine

Installation Instruction of EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine

(Notes: the following is a general guide, there is no guarantee that
they are all correct or suits your laminating machine. )

Install control box:
The control box must be carried by 2 people,use 4 nuts to fix it in
the specified location.
Attention:Vacuum pump is different from blower.
Electric Control box connection:connect according the signs at[ wire connecting
①] and[ wire connecting②]

Wire connecting①

+Wire connecting②

Power connecting:

Vacuum pump installation:
Connect one side of above ¢9mX18m vacuum pipe to the vacuum pipe
faucet on the table, another side is connected to the vacuum pump air
pump faucet (as picture below)

Orbit installation:
Adjust the two orbits’ height, make it balance to the inside orbit of
the machine, then put the up down car onto the orbit, adjust the width
of the orbit; weld the outside orbit and inside orbit connecting to
make it fixedness. Fix the outside orbit to the floor with screw (as
picture below)

Lift installation:
Waggle the lift toward the “clockwise” direction, lift going up,
waggle the lift backward “clockwise” direction, lift going down.

Machine carry: as picture below

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