Horizontal Straight-line Single-edge Glass Grinding Machine

Horizontal Straight-line Single-edge Glass Grinding Machine


YR Horizontal Straight-line Single-edge Glass Grinding Machine is one of the latest new generation development of our company. THe machine adopts the specia nip system to transport the glass, not only with the accuracy of timing belt, and the hardness of the chain of splint to ensure the precision of grinding products. The wheels distribution of the machine is reasonable.


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Shanghai Yinrui Precision Machinery CO., Ltd. is the company of producing and developing glass equipment, tools, and related accessories. We have specialized in science & technology development, equipment-making, both domestic& international sales, and technical services.

Main products are as followings,such as glass grinding machine (double-edge, single-edge, economical), glass cutting machine (manual, semi-auto, full-auto), different types of glass washing machine, automatic round glass cutting line, cutting machine of glass bar, glassware and other optical materials, chamfering machine, laminating machine, turning table, drilling machine, copy grinding machine, glass mosaic cutting and breaking process line.

Welcome to our company. Our tenet is “Cooperation Once, Friends Forever “.


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