Automatic Laminator

JCCY-A 3700×2500

Automatic Laminator

The purpose of JCYY-A seriers laminator is to laminate the material and encapsu-late it be composite structure without gap or bubbles.Laminating machine adhere layers of material by the thermoplastic or the thermosetting film.The temperature,vacuum degree,air pressure of the process chamber can be individually controlled and it provides the finest condition of provides the finest condition of process chamber for the particular material and disposal.

Performance characteristic:

Industrial personal computer:Yanhua Touch-sensitive screen:15” color screen Programmable storing capability:1G Operating screen:Automatic monitoring screen:Display pressure,temperature and ‘setting value’ and ‘pressent value’ of working procedure and access time

Parameter screen:set up the process parameter for every program\Light curtain:left and light setting

Effective height of the hot plate top:400mm

Main specification & Technical data:

Specification JCCY-A Series

Laminating Area:3200*1800mm 3400*1800mm

3400*2200mm 3500*2200mm

2200*1400mm 4400*2000mm

Temperature uniformity:±1.5℃

Working temperature:up to 180

Pumping speed:70L/S or 4200L/min

Heating rate:25~150 degree centigrade less than one hundred minutes

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