ZBL2008 linear glass embossing machine

ZBL2008 linear glass embossing machine

ZBL2008 linear glass embossing machine

This machine is applicable in linear embossing on various flat glasses. Compared with former linear embossing machine, it has the characteristic of many wheelheads, one-time molding, good quality and high output. Its gross power is 12KW and voitage is 380V.

CNC Automatic computer controlling engraving machine

CNC Automatic computer controlling engraving machine

CNC Automatic computer controlling engraving machine is engraving different diagram on plate glass of various shapes. Tow ratios for offered diagram:Oneself make diagram and scan diagram. It is many diagram that is chosen computer . Auto-take wheels and automatic washing. Grinding and polishing can be finished automatically in thewhole progressing. A lot of glass is It is quick speed ,high productivityand perfect performance. Processing range:

3100×1600mm,Glass thickness:5-30mm. The voltage/frequency :380v±10% ,50HZ±2% . It covers an area of 6300×4200×1950mm.

Carving Series

Milling Series

Cutting Series

Cutting Milling

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Prodi Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Hangzhou, China in 1985, is the new modern machinery manufacturing glass technology companies. Companies located in the Qiantang River in Hangzhou Xiaoshan party — Town in eastern Zhejiang ancient canals, 104 State Road, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway interchange, close to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.

Companies, after more than 20 years of building and development in the deep-processing equipment glass made brilliant achievements. To revitalize and promote the development of China’s glass manufacturing machinery, catch up with the international advanced level, especially with the strong combination of Zhejiang University, the glass machinery research and development, production gradually scale, and constantly raising the grades, and to truly realize the glass program and intelligent machinery. Company uphold “Quality first First, credibility First, supply timely and user Care ” Operating purposes, to provide users with high-quality long-term performance advantages of the glass deep processing equipment. Product innovation and technology advancement, quality control and the means of improving and enhancing the service standards of service and strengthen our marketing and brand establish a basic guarantee, we have learned to domestic and foreign advanced management and marketing concepts, the Chinese traditional culture and modern enterprise management organic blends, It is the goal of our company-wide efforts and work theme.

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