Ten Operation Attentions of EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine

Ten Operation Attentions of EVA Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine

By ZAC GLASS www.helloglass.com

(Notes: the following knowledge is a general guide, there is no
guarantee that they are all correct or suits your laminating machine.

About Machine:
Motor must run positive, if in reverse, it must reconnect the wire.
Adjust the wind ban to make the circle-wind even.
Electricity box must controlled by the experienced operator and when
checking the box, the power must be cut off.
When the temperature of the furnace higher then normal, the operator
cannot go inside the furnace
Must change the oil of vacuum pump time to time. Put the vacuum pump
to the dry and aeration place.

About laminate glass:

Don’t put different thickness of glass into the furnace one time, the
thinner pre-laminated glass needs shorter time of keeping high
temperature, the thicker pre-laminated glass needs longer time of
keeping high temperature.
Different thickness of the color materials needs different thickness
of Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film. Thin one can use 0.38
mm EVA film, thick one can use 0.76mmEVA film.

EVA film become soft temperature is 70℃, then 90℃ start thawing, 110℃
reach dissolve estate. When the temperature ca get 130℃ and keep it
40minutes, Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film may finish cross
link reaction.

Different thickness of EVA film, the fluidity at high temperature is
different, the thicker film, the fluidity is larger. When you operate
the machine, you can adjust the time and adjust the temperature based
on real situation and your experience.

Try to use good quality float glass to make laminate glass. If you use
tempered glass, but the flat level is bad, you must use thicker
Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film to pile up in order to make
the laminated good quality. Bad flat level glass may make air bladder
on the surface of the glass leads to laminated glass with bubbles

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