Thin-Film PV Module Laminator(Automatic)

JCCY-A 3600×3000

Thin-Film PV Module Laminator(Automatic)

Main specification & Technical data:

Power supply: Three phase AC 380V 50HZ 160A

Compressed air flow: 100 L/min

Working power: 30KW

Compressed pneumatic pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa

Laminating area: 3600×3000mm

Total power: 90KW

Temperature uniformity: ± 2℃

Pumping speed: 70 L/S

Control system: PLC

Heating manner: Oil heating

Outline size: 20×4.3×2.1m

Weight: about 14000KG

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Thinking warning motto

Reminding constantly

Only carving out not carving out

The success of the internationalization strategy is mainly depends on everyone’s internationalization, only having everyone’s internationalization can guarantee Jinchen’s internationalization.

If you want to win in the international market competition, first is the quality, second is the quality, third is also the quality.

The quality have no discount, the service have no discount, the prestige have no discount.

There is no exciting matter happening in a good management company.

The key of the management does not lie in knowing what but lies in acting what.

Making the person alive before making the property alive

Denying me by myself before others denying myself

Monitoring is cherishing, commission is believing.

What is not simple thing? Can do simple thing, which is right tens and hundreds of times, is not simple; what is not easy thing? Doing the thing well, which everyone recognize it as an easy thing, is not easy.

Yestersday’s successful experiences and refulgence may be the tomorrow’s obstacle.

How does the leader treat the matter? Place 100% responsibility to everyone, namely “ seeing the quantity also seeing the persons”. Each 1% matter can be transformed as 100% responsibility and principle.

How does the leader treat the staff? Creating an active atmosphere.

How does the leader treat the market? Creating and rushing. Not only innovation and creation ,but also pioneering spirit and rushing spirit.

How does the leader treat the management?Savvy and toughness

Leader’s goal: being a super leader-your leadership reaches the level, which can make your subordinate do well when you are out. Forming the energy staff and resultant force organization.

Problem warning motto

The final problem is the leader’s problem.

Seeing no problem is the biggest problem.

Repeated problem is the problem in style.

Low diathesis subordinate is not your responsibility, but not increasing it is your responsibility.

Thinking warning motto

Be arrogant once small victory, be more arrogant once big victory, resulting in suffering the loss time after time

Seeking truth from the facts: whether seeking truth from the facts or not is the problem on changing thinking method, dare seeking truth from the facts or not is the problem on advancing thinking scope.

You can choose the only one from 4 standard keys to answering the leader’s question.

1. Yes

2. No

3. No excuse

4. don’t know(I have nothing to do but know it)

Following are all excuses:

They do not pay attention to what I said when they are working, therefore this should not be my responsibility. (the scene: not willing to undertake the responsibility)

I have been very busy these weeks, I can do it as soon as possible. (the scene: delaying)

We have never done it before or this is not my work manners. (the scene: lack of the innovation spirit)

I have never been accepted the regular training to do this job. (the scene: not competent for the position, lack of responsibility)

Doing jobs pell-mell is not my fault, I still have the bonus. (the scene: the attitude to the qualification)

We have never thought to catch up with the competitor, they exceed us in many aspects (the scene pessimistic attitude)

Slogan culture

“Having virtue and talent should put it in a very important position, having virtue but no talent should cultivate and use it, having no virtue but with talent should use it restrictly, having no virtue nor talent should not use it at all.

“The sun with big sunlight, the parents with big kindness, the gentleman with big tolerance, the flunky with big spirit”;

“Seeing others is not pleasing to the eyes, firstly is myself have no enough culture”;

“We can learn more from the dissatisfied customer”;

“If you have the wisdom, please put foward; if you are lack of the wisdom, please perspire; if you are lack of the wisdom and not willing to perspire, please leave “.

“Regarding one’s virtue, thinking much of one’s wisdom, admitting one’s value, cherishing one’s mood, defending one’s dignity, improving one’s quality”

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