E.N (EVA Film) Processing Instructions-Foshan E.N Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

3. Processing Procedure

1.) After the glass with inserted film well prepared, please put wire nettings around the pump hole to help vacuumizing.

2.) Combine the Silica Gel Bag. Activate vacuum pump for 2-3min till the vacuum value reach 0.95Mpa. Then start heating.

3.) The temperatures and times for processing:

Series Item NO. Low

Temperature Keep that

Temperature High

Temperature Keep that

Temperature Open Door

Cooling Stop Vacuum


Construction VE-A 60℃ 15-20min 125-135℃ 40-50min ≤75℃ ≤50℃

EN-A 55℃ 15-20min 125-135℃ 40-50min ≤75℃ ≤50℃


Decoration EN-B











4. Analysis and solution to common problems


1.) The plainness of the glass is poor (especially the tempered glass). Make sure the thickness of the inserted film is more than the deformation scale of the two overlapping glasses.

2.) The film has not completely melted. Please raise the temperature or increase the time of heat-holding time!

3.) Stop the vacuum pump two early. Don’t stop the vacuum pump until the temperature bellows 50℃.

4.)The Silica Gel Bag is leaking. Please replace the Silica Gel Bag to unsure that the vacuum value reaches 0.095Mpa.


1.) Processing temperature or heal-holding time(keeping that temperature) is not enough.

2.) The best working period for film is within 6 month. Please use the film within the period.

3.) The glass surface is not clean. Please clean the glass surface.


1.) Please cool the glass gradually avoiding water.

2.) Make sure the film you used has been improved by eliminated static and tension.

5. Packaging & Storage

1.) To ensure customers enjoy the real high-tech products of E.N, we add glittering lines in the films surface with special technology. Customers can identify our products from inside to outside packaging design and anti-counterfeiting code (Inquiry website: www.eneva.cn/315 )

2.) Heavy burden shall not be laid on the products and they shall not be piled up more than three-layer.

3.) The films should be used up in time after the packaging is opened; if not, please re-pack. And the storage period should not exceed six months.


Please fully confirm the corrosive and permeability of the edge sealing reagent and glass glue before using, for those may lead to films breaking away from glasses!


If you need any further information, please contact

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