VE-A (Ethylene-vinyl acetate EVA Interlayer Film)FILM


Introduction of VE Film

VE Film is our new R&D product with self-owned patent right based on the most advanced technology and formula in the world. VE Film is ultra-transparent and has great adhesive strength, weather resistance and impact resistance. The successful development of VE Film means the VE Film will fully be used in the outdoor safety laminated glass and take the place of PVB for its advantages of easy processing procedure, low cost and high property.

VE Film working very well in the application of Outdoor Construction Safety Laminated Glass, Automotive Glass, Ballet-proof Glass, Partition, Clearstory, Guardrail, Outdoor Decoration etc.

Technologies Parameters of VE EN Film

Property Items EN-A VE-A


Tensile Strength ≥ 8.5 MPa ≥ 11.78MPa


Elongation ≥ 650% ≥ 900.9%


Adhesive Strength ≥ 6.5kN/m ≥ 9.0kN/m


High Temperature Resistance Qualified Qualified


Moisture Resistance Qualified Qualified


Impact Resistance Against Shot-Bag Qualified Qualified


Radiation Resistance Qualified Qualified


Ball Impact Peeling Resistance Qualified Qualified


Visible Light Transmission Rate 90.6% 90.6%


Haze ≤ 0.5% ≤ 0.5%


Ultraviolet Radiation Blocking Rate 99.9% 99.9%


Weather Resistance 15 Years ears

VE Comparing to PVB

VE Simpler Processing Procedure and Lower Producing Cost than PVB

VE Better Low Temperature Resistance than PVB

VE Better High Temperature Resistance than PVB

VE Better Humidity Resistance than PVB

VE Better Whether Resistance than PVB

VE as Good Transparency as PVB

VE as Good Tensile Strength as PVB

4. Quality Guaranteed in E.N Company

(1.) Our agent in Spain Mr. Pujol ships three or four containers of our EVA film to European market. And they also did the test of our EVA film in Spain by themselves. (If you need them, we can send you the PDF copy.)

(2.) Conforming to the requirements in GB9962-1999 Safety Laminated Glass Standard

(3.) Successfully passed the inspections of: China National Safety Glass&Quartz Glass Test Center

(4.) Insured by People’s Insurance Company of China

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