Can Laminated Glass with EVA Interlayer Film be Cut?

As we known, Laminated Glass with EVA(Ethylene-vinyl acetate) Interlayer Film or PVB(Polyvinyl butyral) Interlayer Film is often used for architectural safety laminated glass or decorative laminated glass?

Can the final laminated glass with EVA interlayer film be cut?

Good question.

1.) Laminated tempered glass can not be cut. Because tempered glass itself cannot be cut.

2)Laminated float glass can be cut. For examples, the CMS Machinery ‘s laminated glass cut machine:

laminated glass with eva film cut machine cms

Laminated glass cutting and breaking table;

Manuel and automatic operation features,

Double-sided cutting mechanism,

Adjustable up / down cutting head oiling system,

Laminated and float glass cutting function,

Aluminium is utilised for high precision and stability of moving parts,

Adjustable cutting pressure,

Infrared resistance (medium wave),

Automatic breaking of upper and lower glass.

Positioning table;

So weather Laminated Glass with Laminated Glass with EVA(Ethylene-vinyl acetate) Interlayer Film is mainly decided by the type of the glass you are laminating.

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Laminated Glass UV Blocked Rate Measurement

1.One of the most important characteristics of Laminated Glass with EVA(Ethylene-vinyl acetate) Interlayer Film or PVB(Polyvinyl butyral) Interlayer Film is UV radiations blocked. Due to this characteristic, the Laminated Glass with EVA Film or PVB film can protect the goods and people inside the room from the UV radiations.

So you may ask how to measure the UV Blocked Rate of Laminated Glass with EVA Interlayer Film or PVB Interlayer Film.

You can use the following light meter to measure the UV Blocked Rate.

Laminated Glass Spectrometer

User Manual V1.6

Laminated Glass measurement

1: General description

LS Laminated Glass Spectrometer is able to simultaneously measure the Transmission

Values of UV(ultraviolet radiation), Visible Light and Infrared Ray . The Spectrometer is self-contained light sources and automatic calibration. No man-driven adjustment is needed. The users only need to plug the power supply, turn on the switch and put the Laminated Glass in the opening. Then the measure data would appear on the display automatically.

2:LS Parameter

Size: 160mm*115mm*33mmL*W*H

Testing opening size:  Wide 23mm × Height 76 mm

Weigh: 360g

Resolution ratio: IR, VL is 1%; UV is 0.5%

Infrared peak responsive wavelength is 950nm, range (850nm-1050nm)

AC/DC power supply 9V, portable Lithium rechargeable battery also can be used.

3: Instruction

Plug the power supply,

-Keep the opening is empty,

-Turn on the switch,

-Waits for the meter to self-calibrate, if automatic calibration is successful, each of the displays will show 100%.

-Put the laminated Glass in the opening,

-Wait for the data being stable, then read the data


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